Healing Hearts offers Sober Living housing to men and women who are struggling with the challenges of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other substance abuse in Edmonton, Alberta.   

Stabilization and recovery is the primary focus of Healing Hearts with a commitment to successfully transition clients to live independently in an outside community. Please note, Healing Hearts is not a Certified Addiction Treatment Center. We are a drug-free and alcohol-free living environment which coordinates and facilities community-based treatment and healing programs and servicesThe goal for participants is to be abstinent from drugs and alcohol while focusing on life skills, personal development, trauma healing, addictions recover and reintegration efforts.

We understand that recovery and rehabilitation does not have a one size fits all solution. The issues and factors that contribute to addictive behaviors are as unique as the individuals who seek our guidance.

Staff at Healing Hearts will help you to customize a Lifestyle Support Plan that focuses on the whole person, and on finding the roots of addiction and substance abuse issues, not just addressing symptoms. We are confident that we can show you a path that leads to a healthier, sober lifestyle – but we understand that you will have to walk it in your own way.


Sobriety Program After Detox

Substance abuse rehabilitation may requires detox. After drugs have been completely removed from the body, you are ready to move forward.  We will guide the client through a personalized program plan that includes life skills training, skills for relapse prevention and community-based program and services for on-going addiction treatment. Each patient will also develop a personal continuing care plan for post treatment support.

Relapse Prevention

Recovery is a journey, not a destination; its goal is progress, not perfection. A relapse into previous behaviors, coping mechanisms, faulty thought processes, or compulsive behaviors is always possible.

We help clients take steps to prevent relapses by helping them create a Lifestyle Support Plan, that develops new coping mechanisms, and learning to avoid places or situations that have the potential to trigger regressive behavior. We also encourage our clients to surround themselves with supportive individuals such as family and sponsors.

Sober Living

Our job is to help addicts and substance abusers achieve freedom from addiction. We’ll walk with you through recovery and show the way toward physical, mental, and emotional sobriety. We will teach you many aspects of sober living, so when you go on to your next level of care you will be prepared to live a sober lifestyle.

Support Groups

The journey toward recovery cannot be undertaken alone. Supports are a key factor in preventing relapse: they provide encouragement, companionship, and a sense of belonging.