Life after addiction can best be depicted by a new-found, growing contentment. If you truly change and make the necessary adjustments to remain sober, our life will take on a completely different meaning. Priorities will change. Relationships will be repaired, and some even remade. Trust, honesty, and transparency will be an instinctive, automatic behavior. Dignity and self-respect will return, and to an even greater degree than in the past. Financial security and independence will reemerge, but will be viewed differently. An overall sense of gratitude will be ever-present in this new way of living. You will discover a renewed enthusiasm for life and acknowledge enjoyment in even the simplest of things.

Over time, you will be in a position to offer support to someone else just entering the path of recovery. You will now be willing and able to help others, the addicted and non-addicted alike, because of your past and the difficulties you sustained. When this opportunity presents itself to you, the aforementioned benefits to your life only grow.

Finally, your life will be nothing like what you envisioned early on, but different and fuller. You will then look back at your journey, from the very beginning. You will remember taking that first step, accepting help, and working through the hardships. You then realize that you are able to achieve more than you ever imagined and sincerely appreciate this new life.