IN 2011

Healing Hearts is a Non-Profit Agency 

That Provides 

Sober Living Housing 


Harm Reduction Housing

in Edmonton, Alberta

Healing Hearts offer affordable, safe, clean, furnished, structured, sober living homes and a Life Recovery Program for men and women, open to anyone, in or out of our sober living homes. All our homes are in safe neighborhoods and provide access to a structured recovery program designed as a path to Life Recovery for anyone in need, to rebuild, restore, and heal from the past.  We do not receive any government sponsored funding. 

We understands the types of physical and mental pressures that an individual has to go through to change their life in a positive manner. That is why a major part of our program focus is put into providing structured living, peer support, community-based programs and services, work search and career skills, while promoting participation in the 12 steps of recovery.

By linking individuals with the recovery community and providing needed resources, members can walk the path that leads to freedom from alcohol and drugs, becoming the person that they always wanted to be. Returning you back to your family and your community. 

Our goal is to provide comfortable, and home like environment in surroundings conducive to abstinence, recovery and personal growth. Members at Healing Hearts are able to attend school, work and community-base self-betterment programs. Our objective is to create and maintain a sober atmosphere that supports confidence, self-worth and the motivation necessary for a healthy return to conventional living and mainstream society. Our foundation of support from within the house will help our clients develop the tools needed to achieve long-term recovery.

Who We Serve

Healing Hearts transitional sober living program is for women and men which is based on an individualized length of stay. We modify programs for each client according to their history with this disease. Our progressive system takes clients through levels of recovery over the course of their stay.

We provide services to both women and men with:

  • mental illness.
  • concurrent illness.
  • males and women being release from jail or prison.
  • hard to place individuals.

Healing Hearts Philosophy

We believe recovery is not an event. It is a process. Our program recognize alcoholism and other drug and behavioral addictions as progressive in nature. Therefore, recovery must be a developmental process in which the client must acquire insights into the dynamics of his/her disease.

The process includes development of life skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for continued recovery.

Sober Living At Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts offer a sober living program that allows both freedom and structure to co-exist. Community-based programs and services,  12-step meetings and other therapeutic activities are encouraged, as they teach you how to take care of yourself and monitor your recovery on a daily basis.

You are able to attend outpatient treatment, school, work and outside meetings and programs. Reasonable curfews and have chores or other projects within the house to keep it running smoothly while instigating normal daily habits.

What Makes Healing Hearts Unique?

Our standard at Healing Hearts is to provide a sober living program with the purpose of facilitating your transition to mainstream life.  You will have an opportunity to achieve independence while continuing to focus on your recovery.

You will be responsible for your own program while receiving support, guidance, motivation and an opportunity to build your sober network. If you become a member of Healing Hearts, you will be expected to use the tools you have learned through the 12 step process to live a productive life on a daily basis.


You will learn to become more responsible, more accountable, more honest, and disciplined.

Your recovery is up to you.

Keys to Success

  • 12-Step Based Program of Action
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills Training
  • Fun in Recovery
  • Accountability
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Community Resources & Referrals
  • Building a positive sober network

Some Benefits That Set US Apart From Other Sober Living Properties

  • Individualized Program Plan, Tailored & Customized TO YOU!
  • Apartment living.

What We Provide?

  • Policy & Procedures enforced for a sober living environment.
  • Zero Drug-Alcohol tolerance policy.
  • 24-Hour staffing.
  • Live CCTV Surveillance.
  • Furnished Units.
  • Random Drug Testing.
  • Laundry facility on property.
  • TV, Wi-Fi and Internet Access.

What Can I Expect When I Expect When I Arrive At Healing Hearts?

Upon arrival at Healing Hearts you will be presented with:

  • a contract explaining what is expected of you (and recommended).
  • Program Rules & Regulations.
  • Consent For Drug Testing.
  • Program Fees Agreement.

You will meet with the staff & discuss your individual goals. We will explain what you can expect from us. Any financial matters will be settled. You will meet your house mates then you will be shown your room.

What Is Our Policy Regarding Drug Testing?

No drugs or alcohol (or persons under the influence), are permitted on the premises.

Any resident found, at any time, in possession of drugs/alcohol and/or paraphernalia, selling, is subject to IMMEDIATE eviction.

All Healing Hearts Members must submit to random drug & alcohol tests. Any attempt to tamper with a test result or a refusal to participate in a test is subject to IMMEDIATE eviction.

What Is The Typical Length Of Stay?

Our recommended minimum length of stay is 6 months - 2 years.  The length of stay is individually based pending of the members level of support.  We have clients that have been with our program for over 5 years.

Program Information
  • Please contact our office for program fees.  In connection with client’s application to live and reside at Healing Hearts, there are no fees charged for the sober living program provided to the client by Healing Hearts. Instead, clients payment of their rent is owed, which entitles the client to live Healing Hearts and participate in all aspects of its sober living program. 
  • Healing Hearts model of operation is a three stage program.  
Stage 1: Is a shared bedroom and unit for a  30-days assessment or stabilization or until Residential Treatment start date.  

Stage Two:  Residential Treatment. 

Stage Three:  Return back to Healing Hearts into a semi-independent living with off-site support services.

  • Hours of operations to receive new resident are 9 am to 3 pm daily. We will open for emergencies upon request.
  • Our Office is located at #2 4633-118 Ave, Edmonton.


Recovering alcoholics and addict can find sober living an extreme help in establishing a sober way of life outside treatment facilities. Healing Hearts Sober Living Homes helps you stay sober by establishing structured living, giving support, while mandating, self-betterment programs, work or training or education. You begin to build a sober network and support each other. Hanging out with others who are committed to sobriety can help establish long term sobriety.

Healing Hearts are not for everyone; some may need to go through residential treatment programs, and even detox before they are ready for a sober living environment. Healing Hearts is a supportive place to transition from the addictive lifestyle to one of sobriety and responsibility.

There are no shortcuts in recovery!

Give yourself a chance & take the ACTIONS necessary for recovery.

Healing Hearts Can Help With Sobriety And Long Term Success.