Addiction and alcoholism do not discriminate.

It affects people of all races, socio-economic classes, education levels, and walks of life. Your background and stories may be unique to you, but almost always lead to the same desolate condition. This hollow existence often keeps many of you trapped in the pain and misery this lifestyle brings. Substance or alcohol abuse is a subtle foe that creeps in slowly and typically remains unnoticed until it is too late, stripping us of your character and purpose.

You are simply a shell of who you once were shrouded in empty promises and convoluted emotions. You isolate ourselves from others, often in an effort to conceal the problem from your family and friends or to assure yourself that you can overcome this on your own.

This vain attempt to persevere inevitably fails and you are all the more demoralized with guilt and shame, and even more driven to keep our secret hidden. Eventually, using is no longer about good feelings and happiness; using becomes your means of not feeling bad or even feeling at all. Life begins to lose its value and living revolves around avoiding distress and sorrow.

As things progress, you often contemplate ending it all.  You really do not want to die, but also do not want to continue living this way. This frame of mind ultimately leads to more abuse and more isolation until finally, you are completely alone.  It is truly a state of constant anguish and agony that from our point of view, is entirely hopeless.