What Is Sober Living?

Upon discharge from an inpatient rehab center, some individuals may end up returning to a harmful living environment, jeopardizing their ability to remain sober and increasing triggers and stressors that may contribute to relapse. Because of this, we believe a structured sober living home will provide powerful and lasting benefits to increase your chances of long-term success in sobriety.

Refraining from mind-altering substances is only one piece of the recovery puzzle. Sober living homes consist of a community of individuals in recovery who are living and learning together while transitioning into a healthy, sober life on their own. Within this substance-free environment, clients learn and practice the necessary skills needed to maintain sobriety, develop a healthy routine, learn responsibility, and gain valuable life experience.  Healing Hearts offers transitional housing in Edmonton, Alberta to bridge the gap between alcohol and drug rehab and independent living. Our sober living houses also provides recovery support services and a phased program to maintain accountability while meeting the unique needs of individuals in recovery.

Sober living helps to minimize, if not erase, some of those difficulties by providing a safe living environment, where recovery and sobriety are paramount. Social and environmental temptations are controlled through strict rules, like curfew, visitor restrictions, and a healthy home life. 

Why Sober Living?

Sober living statistics show the people who leave a treatment facility to return home, have a relapse rate of 90% in the first year. That percentage is cut to 50% after just three months in sober living. The longer one is able to remain in sober living, the better their chances of maintaining sobriety.

Sober Living As Long-term Support

The majority of people who use sober living as a tool after residential treatment find that long-term sobriety is easier to maintain and that the social network and friends they meet in sober living end up being supportive, long term friends.

People choose to stay at Healing Hearts for longer than required because it is a fun, supportive, loving and familial environment.