Sober Living

Upon discharge from an inpatient rehab center, some individuals may end up returning to a harmful living environment, jeopardizing their ability to remain sober and increasing triggers and stressors that may contribute to relapse. Because of this, we believe a structured sober living home will provide powerful and lasting benefits to increase your chances of long-term success in sobriety.

Refraining from mind-altering substances is only one piece of the recovery puzzle. Sober living homes consist of a community of individuals in recovery who are living and learning together while transitioning into a healthy, sober life on their own. Within this substance-free environment, clients learn and practice the necessary skills needed to maintain sobriety, develop a healthy routine, learn responsibility, and gain valuable life experience.  

Sober living helps to minimize, if not erase, some of those difficulties by providing a safe living environment, where recovery and sobriety are paramount. Social and environmental temptations are controlled through strict rules, like curfew, visitor restrictions, and healthy home life.